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Colorado Ceasefire Latest Denver Nonprofit to Use Sentio Theme

October 09, 2019


DENVER, September 15th — Sensus Media, a digital agency for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, has partnered with Colorado Ceasefire, a nonprofit dedicated to working for freedom from gun violence, to deliver a redesigned and developed website. Read More » » »

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Kids First Health Care Gets Digital Clean Bill of Health

March 23, 2018


DENVER, March 23, 2018 — Sensus Media launches the new Kids First Health Care Sentio Site, continuing a strong and busy start to 2018. The latest Sentio Site to hit the internet features a custom WordPress theme, multi-language support, social media integration and patient and donor portals. Read More » » »

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Bessie’s Hope Sentio Site Launches

March 13, 2018


DENVER, March 13, 2018 — Sensus Media, a boutique digital agency that provides custom WordPress website design and development services for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, announces the launch of the new Bessie’s Hope Sentio Site. Read More » » »

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WordPress CMS is King (of the Internet)

February 14, 2018

WordPress CMS has officially taken over the internet like Russians taking over an election. WordPress has become the invisible force influencing nearly 33% of the internet. And now comes more proof that WordPress won the 3-way CMS war between itself, Joomla and Drupal. Read More » » »

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Website Design and Development: A Future Outlook

August 02, 2017

Where is website design and development headed?

Designing and building a website that will have staying power now and into the future safeguards an investment from becoming obsolete. Decision-makers are wise to account for emerging web trends and, where possible, implement those trends into current projects. Read More » » »

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