Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on organizations, large and small, for-profit and nonprofit, across the country. Offices are shutdown. Teams are working remotely. Organizations, unfortunately, are paused for the foreseeable future.

While decision makers and managers are fretting balance sheets and general uncertainty, and rightfully so, everyone should be asking themselves ‘how can we emerge from this tragic situation in a better position than before it started?’ While that undoubtedly extends to our personal situations, it should also be asked of the organization itself.

The coming weeks provide an opportunity—one that has probably been repeatedly put on the back-burner—to evaluate an organization’s digital health.

Digital Infrastructure

Many businesses had a rude awakening when they directed employees to work from home. Communication and collaboration are pillars of working remotely. Facilitating communication and collaboration should be an organization’s top priority.

While Zoom has enjoyed overnight success, many organizations didn’t have online meeting tools in place and tested. There’s a plethora of digital collaboration tools, each offering their own benefits. If you expect your teams to remain motivated and productive during this work from home period, making their lives easier is a priority.

Right now is a perfect time to evaluate your organization’s digital infrastructure and platforms.

Digital Marketing

For many businesses to remain viable in the weeks and months ahead, a strong web presence has never been more vital. While nearly every organization across the US has some form of a digital marketing strategy, which can be as simple as having a website, now is the time to evaluate that strategy and look for new opportunities that didn’t exist three weeks ago.

Competition is fierce online for customers and with a massive influx of daily online consumers (yes, even your team is browsing Amazon), getting your business in front of those customers is imperative.

Now is the time to evaluate your technical SEO, paid advertising expenditures, content marketing, email campaigns, social media presence, key performance indicators and, yes, website.

Digital Connection

Ok, so we just made this one up recently and were inspired by all the digital acts of connectivity we’ve witnessed the last three weeks. Truly a product of The Age of Covid-19, people across the globe are seeking human connection and are using digital tools to do so.

While you need your team working efficiently and productively in a remote capacity, it’s also important to keep up morale and add levity to the stress and anxiety that will grow over time. From digital dance parties to digital happy hours, our innovative spirit is still alive. Check out these examples of digital connections.

Digital Dance Party

Digital Happy Hour

Digital 5K (Coming Soon)

There’s doom and gloom in our everyday lives unlike most of us have ever seen. It’s upon us to power through and help each other out—colleague to colleague, manager to employee, neighbor to neighbor.

We will navigate to the other side of COVID-19 at some point, but in the meantime, let’s decide what we want to be when we arrive.

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