DENVER, September 15th — Sensus Media, a digital agency for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, has partnered with Colorado Ceasefire, a nonprofit dedicated to working for freedom from gun violence, to deliver a redesigned and developed website.

Sensus Media is honored to partner with Colorado Ceasefire.” says John Connelly, President of Sensus Media. “Having met the Board and attended a meeting, this is an organization comprised of incredible individuals with compelling stories. They are working towards a safer, less violent future and Sensus Media is privileged to assist in their missions”

Sensus Media will design and develop a custom Sentio theme that will produce measurable increases in fundraising, advocacy and supporters. The new site will integrate Salsa Labs’ Salsa Engage CRM platform to process donations and manage donors.

The new site will also feature ‘Action Items,’ timely initiatives and campaigns that mobilize supporters around a particular call to action, such as contacting a legislator, advocacy for legislation, event participation and much more. Ultimately, the new Colorado Ceasefire website will be the go-to resource for Coloradoans who share a vision of less gun violence in the community.

“Guns are a passionate subject, both here in Colorado and nationally,” says Connelly. “But it’s become all too obvious there’s an epidemic of gun violence in this country. Even gun owners recognize the need for smarter legislation. The new Colorado Ceasefire website is a step in that direction.”

For more information, contact Sensus Media by clicking here.


About Colorado Ceasefire: Colorado Ceasefire began in the 2000 election cycle. After the Colorado General Assembly failed to pass significant gun violence prevention laws following the Columbine High School shooting, a small group of committed individuals formed a PAC (political action committee) to remove from office legislators who were a block to progress.

About Sensus Media: Sensus Media is a socially-conscious business that partners with nonprofits and social enterprises to deliver the full spectrum of digital services. The agency harnesses the power of today’s leading online platforms so that its clients can focus on positively impacting their communities and advancing their missions.