WordPress CMS has officially taken over the internet like Russians taking over an election. WordPress has become the invisible force influencing nearly 33% of the internet. And now comes more proof that WordPress won the 3-way CMS war between itself, Joomla and Drupal.

An international study jointly commissioned by WP Engine and Manifesto and conducted by Vanson Bourne set out to examine the content management systems (CMS) most commonly employed by enterprises.WordPress CMS

Success Among Enterprise CMSs” study surveyed over 300 enterprise-level IT and marketing decision makers in the U.S. and U.K. The survey found WordPress is on par with Adobe Experience Manager as the most frequently used CMS in either a primary or secondary fashion. Furthermore, WordPress was the leading secondary CMS.

If multi-billion-dollar companies are opting for WordPress, it’s a pretty safe technology platform bet for small and mid-size organizations.

“Our respondents identified clear benefits to using multiple CMSs and the value it brings to their organization,” Chloe Byrne, Research Consultant with Vanson Bourne, is quoted in the study. “WordPress was easily one of the top CMSs in our survey. Looking ahead, of those respondents with only one CMS currently, more than a third (37 percent) plan to expand within a year, and the data suggests WordPress is expected to be their top choice.”

So why is WordPress so popular? WordPress is intutitve to the non-tech employee, agile, scalable, has a massive ecosystem of plugins and provides top notch security.

If your organization is exploring content management systems, explore no further.

WordPress is the content management system of choice.

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Interesting Takeaways

  • Adobe Experience Manager is the most commonly used CMS (60 percent), with WordPress a close second (57 percent). The next most popular CMS was Sitecore CMS coming in a distant third (22 percent).
  • WordPress popularity by vertical: WordPress is the most likely used CMS across several verticals including both retail (73 percent) and business services/consulting (63 percent) organizations.
  • Which departments are selecting WordPress CMS:  Marketing (71 percent) led the list of departments choosing to use WordPress as their CMS, followed by IT (61 percent) and Sales (44 percent).
  • How is WordPress as a CMS being used:  WordPress is most likely to be used for an organization’s corporate website (64 percent), brand or product website (59 percent) and eCommerce (46 percent).

Read the full press release here.