Nonprofit fundraising ideas flood the internet search engine pages like college basketball coverage on television during March Madness but trust us, you’ll want to learn about Brackets for Good.

A simple Google search for nonprofit fundraising ideas turns up over 3.4 million results. We’re going to go through every one of those results in this post. No, just kidding. There’s enough nonprofit fundraising ideas out there that we’re sure you’ll be okay on that front but we do want introduce you to Brackets for Good.

For all the nonprofit fundraising ideas out there, we came across a truly novel and timely one.

Nothing But Net

The Brackets for Good tournament pits area nonprofits organizations against one another in head-to-head March Madness style brackets. The nonprofits will summon their loyal donors and try to out fundraise their nonprofit opponent for the chance to move on to the next round. The nonprofits will keep the money from the individual fundraising rounds with a chance for an extra $10,000 championship prize.

Brackets for Good tournament kicks off on February 24th and is complete with an interactive online bracket many will immediately equate with their own March Madness brackets. The website also has a running blog that highlights the missions of participating nonprofits.


Brackets for Good will take place in 11 locations around the country and has raised approximately $2.7 million since 2011.  The tournament is run Brackets For Good the nonprofit with contact information listed for Indianapolis-based B Corporation Bohlsen Group.

We’ve come across run-of-the-mill nonprofit fundraising ideas and even some pretty outside-the-box concepts. Brackets for Good though is hands down of the most creative and inclusive nonprofit fundraising idea we’ve read about.

Our only question is there a ‘One Shining Moment’ montage at Brackets for Good’s conclusion?


What do you think? What are some of the most entertaining and interesting nonprofit fundraising ideas you’ve come across? Leave a comment below and good luck with those brackets, both March Madness and Brackets for Good.