From the lies of Inauguration Day crowd size to alternative facts and then the Muslim ban and rightful outrage, the past week and first of Donald J. Trump’s presidency has been a dizzying—and nauseating—array of attacks on reality, democracy and the American ethos.  

And perhaps that’s precisely how it was designed. We’re not going to psychoanalyze Trump but we are going to caution that his modus operandi is to create diversions and covers for other dubious acts.

Budget Cuts

While everyone in America was readying—and distracted—by Donald Trump taking the highest office in the land, The Hill wrote of the Trump Administration’s plan to gut government spending, aiming to cut $10.5 trillion over the next decade. Yeah, it didn’t make many headlines.

While the argument can and probably should be made for reforms and more responsible federal spending, the manner in which the Trump Administration plans these cuts is irresponsible. He’s vowed not to touch entitlements, massively spend on defense and infrastructure and cut taxes.

So where do you get the money when you also plan on axing $10.5 trillion over 10 years?

Many of the projects and agencies relate to the environment, civil rights, the arts, minority business and public broadcasting. Time did a detailed breakdown of the programs, respective budgets and, interestingly, cost per American.

According to Time, “The total cost, per American, of the following 17 programs said to be on the chopping block is $22.36 per year– of which more than a third comes from a single clean-energy program. By contrast, housing subsidies, like the mortgage interest deduction, which are disproportionately used by the wealthy, cost $296.29 per American.”

Nonprofit Impact

Many of these 17 programs, such as the Office of Violence Against Women, provide grants to nonprofits.

It’s anyone’s guess what the coming months will bring under the Trump Administration. Nonprofits, especially nonprofits that depend heavily on grants from the federal and state level, should be vigilant of future cuts while actively and aggressively expand their private donor bases.

And with the increased civic engagement brought about by the new Administration, the time has never been better to tap into people’s desire to support causes close to their hearts.

For a list of programs reportedly facing cuts, click here.