Searching for an email marketing platform to serve as the backbone of your digital efforts? With some many options available, we’ve broken down the 4 most used email platforms by price, features and future outlook.


4. Hubspot

Hubspot’s Email Marketing Software offers a ton of great features that provide deep insights into your email marketing efforts as well as a host of other features.

Unfortunately, it’s part of their larger Marketing Software platform, meaning you’ll have to pay a lot more than some of the streamlined email platforms mentioned earlier.

The Basic package, which costs a hefty $200/mo., allows for the first 100 contacts for free but $100 for every 1,000 contacts thereafter. Basic only allows for 300 site visits a month and a required ‘Onboarding’ fee of $600. What the hell is an ‘Onboarding’ fee.  Hubspot’s Pro and Enterprise packages feature the same pricing models.

But while the price tag is certainly steep, the software promises other insights such as blog optimization, social media monitoring and lead segmentation.

The Verdict:

Hubspot is tailored for the enterprise marketing professional and not so much for an organization with budget constraints. For Hubspot’s Marketing Software to be truly worth the price, your organization has to be generating voluminous data that needs to be analyzed quickly.


3. Constant Contact

Once the darling and one of the oldest players in the Email Platform niche, Constant Contact hasn’t kept current and the competitors are closing in, if not surpassed. The service is still a viable option at a good price point.

For a mere $20/mo., you get to send unlimited emails, basic data tracking, and access to their responsive templates. Constant Contact also touts their drag and drop editor, which undoubtedly appeals to the nontechnical of us out there.


While not the market leader it once was, Constant Contact is still a serviceable option to create quality looking email newsletters without all the extra nonsense that can bog down the process. And for $20, users can expect a solid product at the right price.

Email Marketing for Your Business Campaign Monitor

2. Campaign Monitor

One of the newer players in the Email Platform space, Campaign Monitor has a built a loyal following. Their pricing model works much the same as the others in this list with a Basic package starting at $9. Users can send up to 2,500 emails a month and basic email support. The plans scale based on the number of contacts in your account and added features like unlimited inbox previews and online training.


It’s clear why Campaign Monitor has built the following it has. The service is solid, both in performance and the intuitive interface. The scaling pricing plan accommodates budgets of all sizes. And with over 250 pre-built integrations, Campaign Monitor can be seamlessly connected with CRM platforms, social media and others 3rd party tools.

Send Better Email MailChimp

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is also one of the newer players in the email platform space and by our estimation one of, if not the best, email platform for any size organization. If you have fewer than 2,000 subscribers, you can send up to 12,000 emails per month absolutely free with no expiring trial, contract or credit card required. That’s straightforward.

With the basic service offered without any hidden fees, users also get email campaign reports, which can be viewed using Mailchimp mobile app for both Andriod and Apple phones. Looking for a few more features? Get automation, delivery by time zone, email and chat support once you upgrade to a paid plan.


Our winner in the email platform space for its complete and fair offering—from price points to features (both free and paid), Mailchimp is a service that any size organization will find useful and easy to use. And with WordPress CMS integration—among many other integrations—Mailchimp can quickly and cheaply help your email marketing efforts excel.