The best commercial during last night’s Superbowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos was done by a smalltime Georgia lawyer and only seen in his local Georgian television market.

Yes, I’ll repeat that. The best Superbowl commercial was produced by a one-man law firm and only seen in the Savannah, Georgia TV market.  The epic commercial details Mr. Casino’s evolution from criminal defense attorney to defender of those who cannot defend themselves, in a truly dramatic and compelling manner.

And on the Monday following the Superbowl, this once smalltime lawyer is no longer smalltime, thanks to his outsized commercial. Mr. Casino is now a nationally recognized player and brand.

See for yourself…Watch the video below…

Now, Mr. Casino didn’t have the budget to purchase an exorbitantly expensive $4 million 30-second spot. He did make one of the largest ad buys in the local TV station’s history. And, most importantly, he had the creativity, the gumption and the unique understanding that if the video was done well (quality content), the video would be talked about, written about, shared across social media and garner YouTube views.

And he was right…YouTube views climbed from 8,000 views to 280,000 and counting. I’m writing this post. Marketing agencies across the country will be talking about Mr. Casino for some time and looking to capture the same lighting in a bottle.

And if you’re trying to hype your product, service, brand or business, you too should be talking about Mr. Casino.  10 years ago, Mr. Casino’s attempt and investment would have been utterly foolish. Today, it looks genius.

And the same potential exists for you, thanks to the new digital media tools that are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Do you have what it takes to be the next Mr. Casino, internet marketing sensation?