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Use these 35 questions to vet a web design company so you get the best website at the best price. In this free 18-page guide, we explain the entire website design and development process from vetting a prospective web design company to making sure you get the support you deserve after your new site launches. The guide features 7 steps in the website design and development process with each containing 5 key questions to ask.

  • Discover what type of web design company is right for your project. Learn what to ask and how to evaluate a web design company BEFORE you sign a contract.
  • Learn all the stages of a web design project to get the best value from your web design company. We explain web design terminology so you'll know what your web design company is REALLY saying.
  • This guide reveals the true value and price of a website, detailing what should be included at what price. Our website pricing rubric will guide your web design negotiations to you get an asset...not a liability.

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